About the OSU Entrepreneurship Program

Program Promotion Brochure

Welcome to the Age of Entrepreneurship. The 21st century is a time of dynamic change, where the winners are those who are more creative, innovative, adaptable, and aggressive. Speed and agility are more important than size and deep pockets. It is a time when new ventures, both for-profit and in the social sector, are being started at a record pace; new products and services are being launched at a historically unimagined rate; and so many new patents are being requested that the U.S. Patent Office can barely keep pace.

Are you prepared for the entrepreneurial age? Do you imagine living an entrepreneurial life and pursuing an entrepreneurial career? Do you have dreams that you want to act upon? Do you find yourself looking for ways to make things better, to improve upon the status quo, to find a better way? Do you want your life to be about making a difference? Is failure something you recognize as a necessary ingredient in learning how to succeed?

The Entrepreneurship Program at Oklahoma State University is a home for dreamers and doers. Our fundamental belief is that all students have immense entrepreneurial potential, and we are here to help you discover and act upon that potential. For us, entrepreneurship is an approach to life built around innovativeness, calculated risk-taking, and proactive behavior. It can be applied in start-up firms, non-profit organizations, high growth companies, large corporations, and government organizations. It can also be applied in a person’s daily life—in finding and implementing creative solutions to problems in your family, school, church, and community.

Entrepreneurs are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. They change the world one venture at a time. With passion and tenacity, coupled with vision and purpose, coupled with discipline and principles, they create the future. They learn how to adapt, how to leverage resources, how to bootstrap and how to think and act like a guerrilla. Sometimes this results in commercial ventures that produce profits and wealth—and sometimes it results in social ventures that produce social benefits, such as a cleaner environment, home ownership for those that could never afford it, or computer literacy for the economically deprived.

Our theme is IMAGINE > BELIEVE > CREATE. We want students to dream big dreams, but also to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Most importantly, we want students to take responsibility for acting on their dreams—for implementing their creative concepts. We accomplish all of this with a highly innovative curriculum consisting of over 35 courses taught through the School of Entrepreneurship. But this is only the beginning, as our product is built around the principle of total student immersion. Students are encouraged to build a portfolio of entrepreneurial experiences. This portfolio could include business plans for original venture concepts, business models, consulting projects for small business, entrepreneurial audits of companies, feasibility studies, marketing inventions, entrepreneurial internships, and much more. Through the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, we have unique ways for students to get involved in experiential learning from their first semester through the end of a graduate program. These diverse opportunities range from living in our Entrepreneurship Dormitory to having a venture in our Student Incubator to participating in our South Africa Consulting Program with historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs each Summer. Students can be part of our women’s initiative (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship), our National Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, our community entrepreneurship bootcamps, our Seed Capital Fund, and our technology commercialization program, among many other opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship Program serves students from every discipline on campus and at every level, from freshmen to graduate students. For undergraduate students, we offer a major, a minor for business students, and a minor for non-business students. For MBA students, we offer a concentration in entrepreneurship. And for doctoral students we offer a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship.

Finally, the Entrepreneurship Program is committed to providing thought leadership to entrepreneurs and those who seek to support entrepreneurs. As such, we pursue an exciting agenda of leading edge research on some of the most provocative questions within the discipline of entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

The continual pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence as reflected in:

  • Innovative teaching and pedagogy delivered through a state-of-the art curriculum by master educators.
  • Thought leadership that results from academic research; we pursue research that informs entrepreneurial practice while advancing our understanding of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship.
  • An active agenda of engagement with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures locally, regionally, and nationally.

Our Vision

To foster the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship across the Oklahoma State campus, enabling a truly entrepreneurial university, while also fostering entrepreneurial behavior throughout the State of Oklahoma and in our nation. We seek to champion the adoption of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors in all facets of life.

Our Objectives

  • Help students recognize their immense entrepreneurial potential and the entrepreneurial potential of others with whom they work and interact.
  • Provide students with a comprehensive entrepreneurial educational experience, and encourage them to adopt a philosophy of entrepreneurship in their personal and professional lives.
  • Deliver and continually enhance a state-of-the-art, integrated entrepreneurship curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and share our curriculum advances with institutions around the world.
  • Conduct leading edge research that results in publications in major academic journals and that has a demonstrable impact on entrepreneurial practice.
  • Actively foster the successful commercialization of technologies developed by Oklahoma State faculty and students.
  • Play an active role in facilitating a significant number of new venture start-ups.
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurial individuals within the many contexts in which entrepreneurship manifests itself, including start-up, corporate, social, public sector, and other contexts.
  • Sponsor creative outreach programs that influence entrepreneurial behavior in our community, region, state, nation, and world.
  • Ensure our constituencies develop a deep appreciation for the ethical issues that are intimately intertwined with entrepreneurial activities, and develop a personal framework for managing ethical challenges and dilemmas.