Online Course Descriptions

EEE 3023

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduces entrepreneurship as an approach to life and your career; Focus on entrepreneurship as a process that anyone can master; Overview of factors that are key to entrepreneurial success and how to approach them.

EEE 3663/EEE 5663


How to understand and improve your creative abilities; The creative process is examined; Students learn of their own creative problem-solving style and its implications for success; Creativity is approached as something that is measurable and can be enhanced; It is applied in entrepreneurial contexts.

EEE 4113/EEE 5133

Dilemmas & Debates

A course taught by 32 entrepreneurs who debate and argue some of the great questions in entrepreneurship, such as ‘the dilemma of partners’, the ‘dilemma of starting a business out of school versus waiting’, ‘the dilemma of debt versus equity, and various ethical dilemmas.

EEE 5113

Entrepreneurship & Venture Management

Enterprise creation and problems faced by entrepreneurs in early growth stages of business ventures. An interdisciplinary problem-solving approach with emphasis on case studies and plans for new business ventures.

EEE 5263 – Corporate Entrepreneurship