Our Curriculum

The Underlying Logic of Our Curriculum Design

The courses that constitute the EEE curriculum have been designed to capture two key considerations: contexts and facilitators. First, the curriculum reflects the many organizational contexts in which entrepreneurship can be applied. In this regard, entrepreneurship is concerned not only with new venture start-ups but also with growth-oriented small firms, family businesses, entrepreneurial initiatives in large companies, entrepreneurship in public sector organizations, and social entrepreneurship.

Second, the curriculum reflects key facilitators of the entrepreneurial process. Facilitators are concerned with inputs that are critical for making entrepreneurship happen no matter the context. Examples include marketing as a facilitator, creativity as a facilitator, or finance as a facilitator of entrepreneurship.

Importantly, our fundamental purpose is to help students recognize and develop their innate entrepreneurial potential. Toward this end, the entire curriculum is designed around helping students develop the following eleven competencies:

  • Recognizing opportunity
  • Assessing opportunity
  • Planning when nothing exists
  • Innovating
  • Mastering your creativity
  • Building & managing networks
  • Leveraging resources
  • Mitigating and managing risk
  • Guerrilla skills
  • Focus & adaptability
  • Implementing something new

We believe these competencies are the key to pursuing an entrepreneurial career and living an entrepreneurial life.

A Total Entrepreneurial Experience

We believe that students should be immersed in different facets of entrepreneurship throughout their educational experience at OSU. Toward this end, students are encouraged to get involved with the Entrepreneurship Club (E-CLUB), enter the Riata Business Plan Competition, pursue an internship as part of the Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program, consult to a small business as part of an Emerging Enterprise Consulting team, start a venture within our Cowboy Idea Hatchery Student Incubator, participate in our Entrepreneurial Mentors Program, and enroll in our entrepreneurship study abroad program. We also encourage students to help out with the other entrepreneurial outreach programs that we sponsor, such as Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium and the OSU Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp.