Overview: Undergraduate Major & Minors in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit at OSU transcends the business school, embracing every student within the university. Every student has entrepreneurial potential – and each student is encouraged to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their professional and personal lives. You do not have to want to start a business to pursue our programs or courses. The faculty, staff and support team help students discover their individual entrepreneurial potential and give them the tools to act on the potential in a wide variety of contexts.

At the undergraduate level, the School of Entrepreneurship has one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculums in the United States. A total of 32 undergraduate courses are offered, addressing all the different facets of entrepreneurship. Business and non-business students can pursue individual courses, a major in entrepreneurship, or a minor in entrepreneurship for business majors and a minor in entrepreneurship for non-business majors.

The major and minor in EEE attracts students from every discipline on the campus and at every level, from freshmen to seniors. Some students want to create their own ventures while in school, upon graduation or further down the road; while others will pursue alternative entrepreneurial paths.

Some may plan to work in fast-growth firms or are interested in working for a family business. Still others hope to pursue social or non-profit entrepreneurial opportunities or strive to be corporate entrepreneurs in bigger companies. Just as important are those students who simply want to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to other disciplines, such as being an entrepreneurial artist or an entrepreneurial engineer.