Pursuing the Major in Entrepreneurship

OSU is one of a select number of schools in the U.S. that offers a formal major in entrepreneurship. Beyond fulfilling the Business Core, EEE majors follow a logical curriculum structure in entrepreneurship that includes a number of innovative courses. As illustrated below, students first take the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, Entrepreneurship Marketing, Entrepreneurship Financing and Imagination. Students are then required to take four elective courses in entrepreneurship followed by the final capstone Strategic Entrepreneurial Management course (required of all business majors).

Course Requirements

Like all students in the Spears School, students in the EEE major must complete the required foundation courses in Analytical and Quantitative Thought (6 hours), Communication Skills (9 hours), Natural Science (7 hours), Social & Behavioral Science (6 hours) , Humanities (6 hours), American History & Government (6 hours) and an orientation course (see University Catalog). They also must complete the School of Business Core. This includes ACCT 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2103, ECON 2203, MSIS 2103, STAT 2023, FIN 3113, MGMT 3010, MKGT 3213, LSB 3213, MSIS 3223, EEE 4513.

Within the major the student must complete

Beyond this, students must complete three electives from the following list

Plus the following capstone required of all business majors