Pursuing the Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-business Majors

Many students outside the School of Entrepreneurship find the minor in entrepreneurship is an excellent complement to their major area. The minor is intended to help students bring an entrepreneurial perspective to their major field of study, ranging from the arts and sciences, engineering, and education, to the health professions, communications, agriculture, and the visual and performing arts.

Within the minor the student must complete

  • EEE 3023 Entrep. Thinking & Behavior (Intro)
  • ACCT 2103: Financial Accounting
  • ECON 2103 (or) IEM 3503 (or) AGEC 1114
Plus twelve credits from the following courses: (New options will regularly be added)
EEE 3663 Imagination and Entrepreneurship EEE 3020 Business Plan Lab
EEE 3263 Entrepreneurial Marketing EEE 4263 Corporate Entrepreneurship
LSB 4403 Law and Entrepreneurship EEE 4610 Entrepreneurship Praticum (1-3 credit hours)
EEE 4313 Emerging Enterprise Consulting EEE 4483 Entrepreneurship and New Technologies
EEE 3033 Women and Minority Entrepreneurship ENGR 4113 Intellectual Property Law
EEE 3513 Growing Small and Family Ventures MKTG 4973 New Product Development
EEE 4653 Venture Capital MKTG 4500 Crestive Marketing Strategies for Small firms
EEE 4113 Dilemmas and Debates in Entrepreneurship DHM 4453 Entrepreneurship and Product Development for Apparel and Interiors
ECON 3033 Economics of Entrepreneurship & Innovation EEE 4010 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa— 6 credits total for this program, two components:

  • EEE 4603/5603—3 credit classroom work: Entrepreneurship In South Africa
  • EEE 4610/5610—3 credit field work experience: Entrepreneurship Practicum